Saturday, November 25, 2006

Carl Doodle Vid 1

I was goofing around with my wife's Nikon COOLPIX3100 digital camera yesterday while waiting for the big Thanksgiving dinner to be ready. The camera's main function is shooting photographs but it also has a feature for capturing video, however low quality it may be. On the highest video resolution the maximum capture length is only 20 seconds, and it doesn't record audio. I was wondering what it could be used for with such crappy limitations. Well, I guess you can do something cool with it. The hardest part was drawing and holding the camera while trying to look around the camera at the drawing.


Adam said...

can't wait for the next release of a how to aqua teen video!

good quality vid man!

lovin' that disgusting body hair

Sara said...

this is extremely badass beyond any normal threshold of badassitude