Saturday, December 09, 2006

Frederator Interview

Hey everybody! My recent interview for Channel Frederator was published today! Check it out if you have an hour or two! --> Frederator Interview <--


Silvolf said...

That was an interesting interview, well worth the read! I found it interesting how you got into animation and also how you spend your day. I have all the DC Space Ghost Coast to Coast comics, I'll have to take another look at them and see which ones you drew!
Do you have any tips for storyboards? I did some storyboards for a short film which were accepted and they were very happy with them but any suggestions or technique ideas would be very helpful!
Sadly, there are no animation colleges near where I live but I'm learning Flash and saving for driving lessons and money to pay for courses so hopefully soon I'll get to take a proper course and learn more.

Matthew I. Jenkins said...

Thanks! Glad you liked the extra-long interview. Storyboard tips? I probably do but there are too many to list here. For now, I would say to get your hands on any samples you can find from the internet that are professional, and study them. The old Batman Animated book has some very great action boards. Boards have different goals though depending on the production. Study everything! Oh, and practice!

Anonymous said...

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