Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carl Hits On A Married Woman

There's a guy who I currently work with who is sorta famous for his design work. Last fall, I bought his book called S Curves. It's full of sexy girl drawings and is highly recommended. I finally got up the nerve and asked him to sign my copy of the book and mentioned that if he wanted to throw a sketch in there, that'd be cool with me. To my surprise, he took it home for an evening and banged out a really nice sketch. During our conversation, I couldn't help but mention my biggest claim to fame - my work on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He admitted not really getting the show, and that it was hard to get over the cheapness of the animation (easy to understand when compared to the show's he's worked on), but that his wife really loved ATHF. So, I thought I'd return his generosity the best way I could and draw a quick sketch for his wife.

If you'd like to see the sketch he gave me, click here. What a nice guy.

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