Wednesday, November 21, 2007

VB3 Sneak Preview 2

Here's a jet I drew based off of the Blackbird. When doing these, I was inspired by those old Jonny Quest model sheets like THIS ONE, especially since we were encouraged to do so. I don't think I come close to some of the excellent draftsmanship seen in some of those model sheets, especially the Doug Wildey designs, but they are inspiring nonetheless. Maybe if I xeroxed this design a hundred times and then posted it, it'd have that quality that I covet so much. Just kidding. I consider myself a cartoonist, but those old greats like him were real illustrators. By the way, I really took advantage of some great reference on the web during my stint on VB season 3. If you're looking for old Jonny Quest art, GO HERE.

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Silvolf said...

Nice sleek design, I love the streamlined-ness of it (that isn't a word, but now it is!)
As for your poll about the purchasing custom sketches or drawings of [adult swim] characters, I'd certainly be very interested in purchasing a Zorak one!