Thursday, August 03, 2006

Venture Brothers Season 2, pt. 1

I found some sketches I was doing about a year ago, right at the time when I started working on season two of the Venture Brothers (my first season on the show). A lot of these are warm-up sketches, and others are just doodles done in between assignments. Getting to know the characters was difficult, because Mr. Publick was in the midst of revising most of the main character's model sheets, a task that wan't completed until weeks into production, and, because I had been designing for Aqua Teen Hunger Force for over four years (during which time I had the good fortune of designing for the show using my style), and now, I had to draw in the Venture Brothers style. This was a task that I struggled with for over half of the six month season. Sure, I passed the design test to get the job, but I kept slipping back into my style. You can see it in my doodles (eg. first sketch. More on this later.)

Here's a sketch showing Brock's inflatable suit, round one in the design phase. From here Mr. Publick would either meet in person, or usually thumbnail out a sketch with instructions for fixes on a post-it note (seen on the right) that he would stick on our sketches, probably in the middle of the night. Later, we (the designers) would meet with Mike Foran (character and prop design supervisor) and go through the changes.

Here's the final:

That's it for now. More of these old sketches next time, and a LOT more VB designs. Also, coming up soon, some of my favorite designs for a weird pilot that I worked on in Atlanta back in 2004. Here's a sneak peak:

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