Friday, August 11, 2006

Venture Brothers Season 2, pt. 3

OK, so, at this rate, I'll never be able to post all of my Venture Brothers art to keep pace with the show, but it's my sworn oath to do my best! A very funny Victor. Echo. November aired last night, and I have some cool drawings to post from that show, but before then I was hoping to squeeze in this post showing some more of those doodles I was doing right around the time of V.E.N., which happens to be just about one year ago.

Here are some of Dean. I mentioned before that at this time, it was the beginning of the season and we were still working with the old (season 1) model sheets. Dean is strangely difficult for me to draw.

Some funny ones here. And, a pretty good version of my Malcolm McDowell-ish Caligula, another visual joke of mine that didn't quite make it into the show.

Can't get too far with my doodlin' without drawing a Carl or two.

Fun stuff! More coming soon!

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These are great, Matt. I think I remember seeing some of this while we were on VB too.