Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Venture Brothers Season 2, pt. 11

Check out these last few designs I dug up from VB season 2 final episode. Love those villains' cars!


Silvolf said...

The cars are really cool! I like the design of the Zombie Dude's car and the Spider Lady's car in particular.

Noskilz said...

Is the military dude the supervillian who looks like Mao or Sgt Hatred?

The logo on it seemed to have a faintly hammer and sicklish cast, so that sort of makes me suspect the Mao guy.

Kanokadafi said...

HAH! VB Ch's are so crazy

Mr. J said...

Hey Matt, Matthew T. Jenkins here. I was lookin' at Jackson Publick's blog page for venture brothers and saw that you helped on the 2nd season. Gotta give you a mental high five cause it was awesome. I still think it's awesome that there's another Matthew Jenkins who draws. I still have a meatwad drawing from you from comic-con a couple of years ago. Keep it up man.

Matthew I. Jenkins said...

silvolf- thanks! you are too kind, as usual.

noskilz- that's Sgt. Hatred for sure.

mr.j- what's up? I think I get lots of your mail. Thanks for the VB props. I'd love to see the meatwad I drew ya. If you email a jpeg to me, I'll post it on this blog!