Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Adult Swim Reface

This is a sort of re-post from my YouTube channel. I'm really just waiting around for the ATHF:movie to come out so I can post a bunch of design drawings from when I worked on the damn thing, oh, in 2004/2005. Is that right? Yes it's been that long in development. Anyway, here's what this post is really about:

"Years ago, when adult swim launched, they had replaced the network packaging of old people swimming in pools with some cool art that looked like airplane safety instructions. This is part of our pitch to Cartoon Network, to get the account. It was well received but eventually we did not get the account, but it's interesting to see this years later..."

When I say "our" above I'm speaking of a company I was part owner of called Wild Hare Studios. You'll see that name in a lot of old ATHF episodes and Brak Show episodes. The company that DID get the account was Big Deal Cartoons owned by none other than C. Martin Croker. Maybe if you bug him he'll post some of that stuff on his adult swimmin' blog. Too bad they replaced all that stuff only four months later with the white text on solid black. I have to say though, after all these years, the white text on black has grown on me.

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Silvolf said...

Lol!! I love that! They should really have used that, it was funny, the guy waving at Brak cos he can't swim but Brak thinks he's just waving at him.
It must be great to be part owner of a company or even better, to own one like Clay does. I hope I will one day so my cartoons will become a reality.
I do like the white text on black for the [adult swim] logo but the airplane safety instructions style one was definately cleverer.
I'm looking forward to the ATHF movie, I saw something on YouTube that was a possible ending to it or something. It said it was an ending that never made it with Shake in the house typing on the computer and the house was nearly completely wrecked. I don't know if it was for real though or something someone had cleverly put together.