Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Brak Show, part 01

God I miss Brak... here's a model sheet picture from the archive.

And now a movie montage:

This is from my demo reel, a montage of character design for The Brak Show. a lot of the designs you see in the montage can be viewed much larger with higher resolution in the archive mentioned above (it's also the same archive that the first link on the right takes you to!)


Silvolf said...

I'm a big fan of The Brak Show, I have both volumes of the DVD and I love the show! It was interesting to see your model sheets for the characters. I agree about Zorak being hard to draw, when I first drew him, I found his upper body very hard to get right although his feet were particularly fun to draw!
I've done lots of Brak and Zorak fan art! I am hoping to become an animator one day so I always find model sheets and sketches interesting. I should do some for my own characters.
I'm a fan of the Aqua Teens too, in fact Shake and Rabbot are two of my favourite characters! I'm looking forward to the movie although I don't know if we will get it here in England.

~Silvolf (AKA Lara)

Lauren said...

Hahahaha no way! You did Thundercleese on the surfboard? I loved that scene! "Out of my way!!"

Great stuff man!