Friday, October 27, 2006

Space Ghost was Fat?

I worked as an assistant on the Space Ghost Coast to Coast show. In fact it was my first cartoon show that I ever worked on! Due to this experience, I was a shoe-in for directing the animation for the promos that came through Primal Screen, a broadcast design company I worked for in the late 90's. Out of all the ones I worked on, this is the only one that I mananged to keep a copy of for my reel.

As you know Space Ghost was a "serious" cartoon from the 60's. In the 90's when Coast to Coast came out, it was a huge hit with the fans that loved the original. They loved the new twist to the characters - Space Ghost was a little crazy (he always seemed Tick-ish to me) and Zorak being downright mean. So what happened to ole SG in between? One theme that was pretty popular among the promo writers was that SG let himself go and got fat. I have some more art in this theme to show in another post, just have to find it...