Sunday, October 08, 2006

Venture Brothers Season 2, pt. 8

Finally, as promised, here's the post featuring most of my designs for last week's Venture Brothers episode, Viva Los Muertos!

(And look to the next post for the front view of the van. )

This was one of my favorite show's that I worked on from second season. We (designers) were really getting warmed up at this time during the production. Originally, we were supposed to start the season off each with a brand spanking new 21" Cintiq. Well, they were on such back order that they didn't arrive for three months, half way into the season. Oh well, it didn't take long to get used to them, and not long after that when we started designing in full color! This was mostly due to Chris George's influence (who you must go and see his blog for a post on this same show! The Shaggy/Son of Sam character was his design, that was loosely base on yours truly!) and Martin Wittig was quick to catch on to this as well (just go try and get him to post some of his VB designs!). So it wasn't long before I was to follow suit and that's why most of these designs are in color unlike previous posts. I love VB, but before that I loved Scooby-Doo! It was a total blast to work on this hybrid Mystery Machine/Groovy Croo van, and even more of a thrill to work on Patty who of course is based on Daphne. I even got paid to draw a naked Venus-esque woman, and I bet you can't guess who I based the Orpheus guest design on! Go on! I dare ya! I sure hope there's a new episode of VB on tonight!

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