Monday, June 09, 2008

Venture Brothers Season 3 Rules

I caught the premier last week and it did not disappoint. Actually, the premier was the Sunday before last, and I'm already late with my post. Still haven't seen last night's episode, which I hope to have time to watch tonight, and will post that episodes designs next. I'm starting this post with one of my favorite designs from Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny, the notorious Betty Rage:

OK, so, I have to point out that sometimes we get to make up our own characters for parties, etc. and of the next two, Jackson HATED the Termitator (pretty much hates all things 80's, see also my rejected Early Monarch Costume), so it was NOT used in the show. But, he did like...

...Unicornelius, so he WAS used in the BG party sequence (I think).

So, I've mentioned my becoming "the car guy"on the show, and I've also mentioned how that pretty much makes me the best "car tracer", ha ha. But I've grown to love it, and this one especially. Creating the proper designs for the vehicles of the show depends entirely upon finding the right car at the right angle. Jackson usually has a specific car in mind, but I think this one had some leeway as the year was not specified. I find the right car and get approval, and then do a quick drawing on top to get things going. Then I tighten up the drawing...
And then I ink it with the path tools in Photoshop.